Governance and Board Effectiveness
We offer an independent review of governance structures and provide advice and support to implement changes as well as undertaking performance and remuneration reviews of key members of the Board.

Governance Frameworks

Structure and Review

We are experienced in reviewing governance structures, particularly in representative organisations, where the question of elected as opposed to appointed or independent directors, often arises.

Roles and Responsibilities

The identification of appropriate skills and competencies for directors is important, as is the establishment of relevant committees, and we are experienced in advising on, and working through these issues.

Policy Development

We work with Boards to assist in the development of Board Policies including Board Charters and Codes of Conduct.

Governance/Management Interface

We provide advice and interventions in demarcation issues between governance and management and in particular, the role of the CEO/GM and this relationship with the Board. In our experience these are often issues that arise in privately controlled organisations where the same group of people often occupy positions at shareholder, governance and management levels.

Director Appointments

Search and Selection

We are widely experienced in the search, selection and appointment of directors for private companies, charities, trusts and Local Government Controlled Organisations (CCO's). These placements are made after following a thorough exercise, which sometimes involves advertising, but typically is based on our own database and search work.

Remuneration and Fees

We regularly advise on appropriate levels of director and trustee fees for different organisations. There are surveys available to assist in this process, but it also involves an in depth analysis of organisational dimensions, responsibilities, and time commitments.

Board Performance

Performance and Evaluations

Many Boards of Directors now arrange for evaluations of their own performance. This is typically at three levels, the Board as a whole, the Chairman, and individual Board Members. These assignments require tact and diplomacy. We do not suggest standard evaluation packages and typically customise the evaluation on a client by client basis, often including questionnaires and/or interviews, and culminating in Board feedback.

Professional Development

We can assist Boards in identifying areas of professional development necessary to complement existing skills, and advise on, or deliver appropriate coaching and development plans and/or programmes.

Succession Planning

Succession planning at a governance level, particularly for Chair roles, can often be highlighted through the Board Evaluation processes. We are experienced in facilitating such discussions, identifying skill gaps, capability requirements and/or individuals with potential to succeed to Chair positions.

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